Angelic Reiki level 1/2 course

Angelic Reiki level 1/2 course

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This course is for anyone wanting to learn the realms of wonderful Angelic reiki. Students will embark on their own journey to gain the wisdom to connect to the Archangels and ascended masters to practice Angelic Reiki on themselves and others. 

This course covers full attunement to 1st and 2nd Degree levels in Angelic Reiki.

Learn about the Arch Angels and ascended masters.

Hands on Healing on self and others.

Learning to connect to your inner wisdom to connect to the Divine.

learning to use the breath to connect to the third eye and go within .

Gaining the skills to enter confidentially into the Holistic practice.

manual to help guide you through the journey . 

Fully accredited course by IPHM